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Modern and Contemporary residential architecture and design. Lake House with stunning views, large outdoor patio, interior natural daylighing, and luxory pool. Architecture that utilizes texas materials such as stone, metal panels, concrete, and wood.
Chad Bunnell is the founding owner and principle architect of Abitec Architects. Chad Bunnell is a liscensed architect in the state of texas.

Chad Bunnell

Principal Architect, Owner

About Us

Introducing Abilene's newest full-service Architecture company, serving West Texas and beyond. 

It is our mission to provide exceptional architectural design and professional service to our clients. We understand how big of a decision and investment a construction project can be. We ensure the vision of our clients are realized. We guide and advise our clients through the process of design and construction.  We transform our client’s wants and needs into exemplary buildings. We provide contemporary building solutions that exceed all expectations. 

Abitec Architects provides experience, vision, solve problems, save money and are advisors to their clients. Abitec Architects provides services to west texas cities of Abilene, Lubbock, El Paso, Amarillo, San Angelo, Brownwood, Midland, Odessa




Abitec Architects seeks to understand and execute the big picture. We understand how that the overall vision can shape comprehensive design solutions that are both functional and beautiful as well as create quality spaces in which we work and live.

Architectural services include pre-design and planning


Every project has a beginning. The success of a project is built on a strong foundation based in intelligent planning and pre-design analysis. We listen to our clients and establish the project vision and its goals.  At this stage we evaluate the parameters and constraints set by the client, the site and location, building code, and zoning requirements.  This phase shapes the overall trajectory of the project. 

Architectural services include schematic design, design developement, construction documents


Once the project goals and vision has been established, the process of design  can begin. We set the orientation and shape of the building that best utilizes the site. The buildings layout reflects the required functionality established in pre-design and the overall look of the building is revealed. Once the  design is approved the project shifts its focus to the production of construction documents. It is at this point where the project comes to life with constructible drawings, engineering coordination, and details. 

Architectural services include material selection and specification. We estabilish the project requirements, material performance requirements, and execution requirements.



With the design and documentation fully developed, one of the most critical aspects of our architectural services begins. It is at his point when we start refining the material selections for the building by selecting manufacturers, layouts and patterns, the performance characteristics of materials. Specifications are produced that establish the requirements  and quality the Contractors must meet. 

Architectural services include construction administration to ensure project is being constructed per the contract drawings.


The start of construction is the most exciting phase of any project. It is here where you begin to see the building becomes real. It is at this point where we are reviewing the overall progress of the building construction and verifying it is being built according to the design and construction documents. We believe in actively working with the contractor's team to ensure building components are properly coordinated, issues that arise are resolved, and the overall design intent is being maintained. 

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